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    Illville is a TV Pilot that has already been nominated for best screenplay at Las Vegas Black Film Festival.  Janine stars as Becky, mistress to Jimmy Lynch; a police officer.

    "A young boy is killed by a police officer (Lynch), and his family and friends are looking to avenge his death."




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    Janine is delighted to be apart of the feature length version 'To The Bitter End' based on the short film 'Modern American Nightmare'.  She will continute to play Dr Asher, the therapist.

    "A man suffering from the loss of his brother falls prey to paranormal activity feeding off of his depression, and tensions escalate when his sister Kathy takes matters into her own hands."

    Filming is planned for 2019.  More details to come...


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    Janine plays an agent in the crime movie thats based on a true story.  

    The story unfolds on an in-depth investigation of a Los Angeles homecide.

    Janine stars alongside Roslyn Gentle (American Crime Story).  The film is directed and written by Ryan Katzenbach (Titanic: Sinking The Myths)

    More details to come soon....

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    Modern American Nightmare is about a guy called Billy.  He is battling emotions over the loss of his brother in the Iraq war.  He is consumed by a demonic presence which is forcing him to live his greatest nightmare - himself.  Dr Asher (played by Janine Gateland) is his therapist who tried to get Billy to overcome his emotions but with dia consequences.

    The Film has been doing really well on the festival circuit and has already won awards at:

    Los Angeles CineFest - Semi Finailst Award Winner for Best Film.

    Direct Monthly Online Film Festival - Nominated for Best Film.

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    Janine starred in the modern play 'Turn Off The Lights' at McCadden Place Theater in the heart of Hollywood.  

    She played 'Samantha McCallister', the fashion conscious entertainment lawyer who tries to protect her family when her father is in danger.

    Janine was also the executive producer for this show too.

    The play was a sell out and became a huge success.  The production was also filmed and is now on IMDb 

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    Janine is pleased to announce she has just booked the sitcom "Northsiders" with Shire Productions.  She will be playing Jenny.

    The Show focuses on, no matter what the world thinks of you, you're special just the way you are!  Including the bizarre dysfunctional young adults, who must co-exist in Chicago.

    Filming will begin later in 2018.  More details soon....

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