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    Janine is so pleased to be finally creating her own work. She starred in the movie in a leading role as 'Tiffany Forbes' and was also the co executive producer and writer. Filming was on location at Lake Isabella in the Mojave Desert, CA.  

    F***, Marry, Kill is a short thriller, directed by Scott Donovan.  The story follows three sisters traveling through the Mojave Desert on their way to their brothers wedding.  A sinister turn of events leads them to a twisted, maddening town where a psychotic, cult-like community kidnaps women and forces them to marry, procreate or be sacrificed.  These residents seem hell bent on making it their final destination.

    32 year old Tiffany Forbes is a Casino manager at the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Since her failed marriage from her cheating husband, Tiffany has been on a downward spiral finding a new fling every week!

    Tiffany hasn’t seen her sisters in over a year since the disastrous wedding, and now shamefully faces the music of her past mess up before plunged into a messy desert disaster. 








    The movie has been doing great on the festival circuit and so far...

    October 2017:

    'F***, Marry, Kill' premieres at 'The Sunscreen Film Festival' in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

    June 2018:

    Won, 'Direct Monthly Online Film Festival'

    Won, Semi-Finalist Award at 'CinFest' 

    July 2018:

    Won at 'Aab International Film Festival', India.

    September 2018:

    Official Selection at 'Birmingham Horror Festival', UK

    Won, Honorable Mention Award at 'Los Angeles Movie Awards', Hollywood.  Held at The Complex Theater in Hollywood.

    November 2018:

    Won, Semi-Finalist at 'Fabulous Short Film Night', London, UK

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    After the death of her husband, Mrs Holbrook wants to sell her house. Frank, a greedy real estate agent tries to swindle her but finds out he made a fatal mistake.

    Janine plays Frank's fiance and confidante, putting up with his dodgy dealings and tries to save him when he goes missing.

    The Closing is due to go to all leading film festivals in the horror genre.

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    Janine has been cast in romantic comedy 'Let's Just Do It' with Cupsogue Pictures.  She will be playing the lead female role of 'Sarah Adams' in the production.  Filming begins towards the end of 2020 and is slated for theatrical release in the U.S and the UK in 2021.  Directed by Gene Fallaize who is the Executive Producer of the critically acclaimed Nick Love film 'OutLaw' , starring  Sean Bean and Bob Hoskins, and the film and television series, 'Star Child'.

    When Britain's most successful and well known film maker moves to Hollywood to further his career, he finds the one thing he never expected - love.  His biggest problem however, is that she lives 6,500 miles away from the glorious LA sunshine - in Staffordshire, England! Together, they persevere through a series of humorous events, that culminate in an ultimately heartwarming story, that shows us all that love really will find a way.

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    Janine shoots her first commercial in the US

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    Janine relocates to Los Angeles

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    Due to hit all UK TV, Sky channels, publications and on-line from May, Janine shoots a commercial for Nintendo playing the lead.

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