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    Janine is so pleased to be finally creating her own work. She starred in the movie in a leading role as 'Tiffany Forbes' and was also the co executive producer and writer. Filming was on location at Lake Isabella in the Mojave Desert, CA.  

    F***, Marry, Kill is a short thriller, directed by Scott Donovan.  The story follows three sisters traveling through the Mojave Desert on their way to their brothers wedding.  A sinister turn of events leads them to a twisted, maddening town where a psychotic, cult-like community kidnaps women and forces them to marry, procreate or be sacrificed.  These residents seem hell bent on making it their final destination.

    32 year old Tiffany Forbes is a Casino manager at the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Since her failed marriage from her cheating husband, Tiffany has been on a downward spiral finding a new fling every week!

    Tiffany hasn’t seen her sisters in over a year since the disastrous wedding, and now shamefully faces the music of her past mess up before plunged into a messy desert disaster. 








    The movie has been doing great on the festival circuit and so far...

    October 2017:

    'F***, Marry, Kill' premieres at 'The Sunscreen Film Festival' in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

    June 2018:

    Won, 'Direct Monthly Online Film Festival'

    Won, Semi-Finalist Award at 'CinFest' 

    July 2018:

    Won at 'Aab International Film Festival', India.

    September 2018:

    Official Selection at 'Birmingham Horror Festival', UK

    Won, Honorable Mention Award at 'Los Angeles Movie Awards', Hollywood.  Held at The Complex Theater in Hollywood.

    November 2018:

    Won, Finalist at 'Fabulous Short Film Night', London, UK

    Won, Semi-Finalist at 'Hollywood Screenings Film Festival'

    December 2018:

    Won, Finalist at 'Best Independents International Film Festical', Germany

    Won, Winner at 'Hollywood Verge Film Awards'


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